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My film camera #1


僕のフィルムカメラ紹介シリーズ第一回目は、Leica M4-Pの紹介です。

Hello everyone.  Today, I am going to start a new series of introducing my film cameras, and the first camera I would like to introduce is Leica M4-P


It doesn't matter if the camera is not popular 


It is said that Leica M4-P is seen as unpopular camera, but this is my main film camera. 

I think that there is an advantage point which is that there are many Leica cameras that have good condition because it is not popular Leica. 

As a practical person, I think the camera is a tool that I need to use for a long time, so it is the best if the camera has a good condition and cheaper than other Leica when I get camera. The feel of the film winding lever and the shutter sound do not matter for me.

 It is good if  I am able to wind up the film properly, and release the shutter normally. 

 I used to use Leica M2 befour, and I felt I could smoothly wind up films and felt so good.

Shutter sound is also small, but it does not matter because it is not  related to photography.


Leica M4-Pis cheaper than other Leica, so I do not need to worry about making scratches on the body


Most of Leica cameras are really expensive compared to other film cameras, even with the M4-P. But I can definitely say that M4-P is much cheaper than other Leica and easy to get. That's why I can use in any situation and do not worry about making scratches on the body or breaking down the camera. 

For example, we usually remain or cover with black tape to hide an engraved logo of Leica with white paint. However I do not want to do that because I do not feel that is cool. 

Therefore, I usually remove the white paint with thinner. I can do such a bold action because it's cheap. If I have an expensive Leica camera, I I will not do that because I will sell the camera in the future.


Film Leica is good to shoot


I also mentioned that Leica is really good to snap in my previous article, and I feel film Leica cameras have a thinner and lighter bodies than my digital Leica camera. Also film Leica cameras are very easy to use. Therefore, I always want to use M10.

I highly recommend to get film Leica if you are thinking about getting new camera!

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