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My film camera #1


僕のフィルムカメラ紹介シリーズ第一回目は、Leica M4-Pの紹介です。

Hello everyone.  Today, I am going to start a new series of introducing my film cameras, and the first camera I would like to introduce is Leica M4-P


It doesn't matter if the camera is not popular 


It is said that Leica M4-P is seen as unpopular camera, but this is my main film camera. 

I think that there is an advantage point which is that there are many Leica cameras that have good condition because it is not popular Leica. 

As a practical person, I think the camera is a tool that I need to use for a long time, so it is the best if the camera has a good condition and cheaper than other Leica when I get camera. The feel of the film winding lever and the shutter sound do not matter for me.

 It is good if  I am able to wind up the film properly, and release the shutter normally. 

 I used to use Leica M2 befour, and I felt I could smoothly wind up films and felt so good.

Shutter sound is also small, but it does not matter because it is not  related to photography.