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ストリートフォトの始め方 #3


How to Start Street Photography Part 3  


I am going to write about How to start street photography part 3. This time, I will share some different styles of street photography. 


Fishing and Hunting


There are two different helpful ways which are called fishing and hunting when you are shooting in the city. Photographers can use them by different expressional concept or situations. 


What is fishing?



Fishing is one of shooting syele that you wait at some place for great moments and subjects until they appear. For instance,  If you think that the shape of light and shadow is beautiful and it would be nice to have a silhouette of a woman whose hair was blowing with wind,  just wait until such a moment comes.

 However, no one knows when that moments come and how long you need to wait. Therefore, you need to be patient. 

The moment may come within 5 minutes, or 30 minutes later. And that chance may be one. While waiting, we will need to prepare for the moment while imagining the timing and exposure with trial shots. Unlike a film camera, a digital camera is really useful because you can take test shots many times and imagine the situation you shoot. I usually use fishing technique because I often capture  light and shadows in the city.

The issue is that as sun is moving, shape and balance of light and shadow always change every second and hard to get your ideal moment. Therefore, sometimes it is better to give up and and move to another location. Sometimes I will try again later or other days. 

It seems very easy task to wait, but it takes patience and effort. But I am so impressed when I get my ideal photos well.


What is hunting?


Hunting is a style of shooting that you shoot moments and subjects that you accidentally encounter while walking around the city, rather than waiting. If you choose this style you will be able to easily capture city's atmosphere and accidental experience. 

There are days when you cannot find anything even though you walk a lot. However, it is important to be patient and keep walking.

As I wrote in the first article of this series, the significant thing is to just enjoy walking in the city. Then you can continue walking even if you cannot encounter great photo opportunities . According to my shooting experience, I can advice that you will be able to encounter good moments if you walk a lot. 

You must not lose the chance you got because the chance would be only one time. 

I recommend that you always check the camera's exposure settings according to the environment, and make sure to check carefully so that you will not be disappointed when you check your failed photo at your home.




I shared two different styles for street photography. You can use both ways differently with applopliate situations and moments. it is depend on how you describe the moments what you have encountered. Both ways are for shooting street photography. Please be conscious that you must not make a nuisance to anyone, especially subjects while shooting. Street photography has a definite difference from other productions. Painters usually finish their painting by themselves in their ateliers. Sometimes there is a model, but artists usually get agreement.

The point is that street photos are produced as a "one set of photographer and subject". The people being photographed are strangers who happen to intentionally get into the frame by chance, except for portraits. As long as the photographic expression is a set of the photographer and the subject, don't forget to respect the people who are captured. How do you express it? I think it will open the door to new expressions.





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