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The Streets of Tokyo
The Streets of Tokyo

Photographer: Adam Benedicto

Country: Japan



This collection of photographs was taken mainly around Shinjuku over the past 5 years. Shinjuku is my local area and never fails to produce something visually interesting. Day or night, the back streets, tower blocks and multicoloured lighting make it as close as there is to a playground for photographers. These photos show a stylised view of what I see, which depict a feeling I have for city life. Some photos feature reflections and distortions which I really enjoy composing, like a visual puzzle.


10代の頃、父からカメラを贈られた私は、現像所から最初のフィルムを受け取るやいなや、その魅力に取り付かれました。写真が見る人と言葉を交わさずコミュニケーションをとり、その場、その瞬間に連れて行ってくれることに魅了されました。当初は、野生動物や風景の写真を撮っていましたが、やりがいがありました。 また、家庭用暗室にも手を出し、モノクロ写真にのめり込んでいきました。写真に興味を持つようになると、視覚的に刺激的なものを撮影するために、わざわざ遠くまで出かける必要はないと思うようになりました。そして、ストリートフォトにたどり着いたのです。そして、DJの仕事と並行してストリートフォトの練習を始めました。家族といるときやDJをしていないときは、外に出てストリートフォトを撮影していました。最初の頃は、自分が満足できるようなスタイルやルックを見つけるのに苦労しました。写真を撮ること自体は楽しいのですが、それを編集することに苦労していました。最近では、自分のイメージのルックに違和感を感じなくなり、自分のアウトプットに自信を持てるようになった。そのため、より多くの人と写真を共有したいという思いが強くなり、このセットをFRAME TOKYOと共有することになりました。

When I was a teenager my father gave me a camera and as soon as I received me first roll of film back from the developers I was hooked. I was fascinated by the way a photograph could communicate non-verbally with the viewer and transport you to an exact moment in place and time. Initially I did wildlife and landscape photography which was challenging but very rewarding. I also dabbled in a home darkroom set up, which got me into black and white photography. As I became more interested in photography I realised that it wasn’t necessary to travel far into the countryside to find something visually stimulating to photograph. I could just make photos of whatever was easily accessible to me, which led me to street photography. I practiced street photography alongside my other main interest which is DJing. When I wasn’t with my family or DJing I’d go out and shoot street photos. In the beginning I struggled to find a style or look that I was satisfied with. I mainly enjoyed the process of getting out and taking photos but then struggled when it came to editing the work. These days I feel more comfortable with the look of my images and I have become more confident in my output. Therefore my desire to share them with a wider audience has increased, which has brought me to share this set with Frame Tokyo.

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