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Lines and Stripes
Lines and Stripes

Photographer: Resto Ajie

Country: Indonesia




Living on urban society, makes me realize that there's a lot of beauty things around us but we're not really pay attention for it. Because we're busy with work, chat with friends, or scrolling social media. Living on urban society, makes me realize that there's a lot of beauty lines and stripes from the building, crossroad, etc. But we just ignore it. Because we're just walk, passing by, go to home, without even notice. So, I set the time to walk slowly. To see more beauty, to feel more empathy. To be more grateful about life. And memorize it on my photos.



Street photography based on Jakarta, Indonesia. Really inspired to making strong contrast black and white photos. Really love to capture the light and shadow, lines and stripes, and sometimes doing close up candid. And Japanese Street Photography is always become my source of inspiration to making my photos.

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