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Chaos documenting Chaos
Chaos documenting Chaos

Photographer: Bektur Ryskeldiev

Country: Kyrgyzstan





This is an ongoing exploratory series of (primarily) night shots taken around Tokyo, which touches the topics of loneliness, alienation, and emptiness in the post-pandemic metropolis. Despite featuring people as subjects on most of the shots, this series intentionally obscures their details by either presenting people as shadows, fragments, or inanimate objects. Visually, this work takes an inspiration from neo noir aesthetics, by using high-contrasting dark tones, scarce lighting, and geometry as the primary form of visual communication.



Bekturは、最初のデジタルカメラを手にした後、1年も経たないうちに Greg Girard、Ernst Haas、Hiroshi Sugimoto、David Lynchなどのアーティストや写真家を研究し、写真における独自の視覚言語の開発に取り組んだ。

Bektur is an immersive media researcher and media artist based in Japan. Originally from Kyrgyzstan, he was always fascinated by the themes of dystopian future, augmented human, and cyberpunk. After picking up his first digital camera less than a year ago, Bektur has been working on developing his own visual language in photography by following such artists and photographers as Greg Girard, Ernst Haas, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and David Lynch.

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