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Instagram の必要性


Necessity of Instagram

みなさんこんにちは、FRAM TOKYOのKYOSUKEです!みなさんいかがお過ごしょうか。


こちら New York も耳が痛い時期になってきました。本当に寒いのが1-2月なのです。





Hello everyone, I am KYOSUKE. How are you guys doing?

I hope everything is good and you will be able to try new things as many as possible though it is so cold outside!

New York is also getting really cold and my ears always hart when I walk outside. The coldest season in New York is generally between January and February, and the average temperature is mostly around 0-5℃. I love winter, but I honestly hate coldness. However, I will keep going outside and shooting to horn my shooting skills.

Now, I would like to share a topic of this article. The theme is necessity of using Instagram.

As you know, Instagram has been created almost 10 years ago, 2010 and now uncountable people in the world in wide age group are loving to use Instagram. There are some different kinds of SNS, such as FaceBook and Twitter, and Instagram is a SNS that is especially good at sharing photos to Instagramers in the world. Therefore, Instagram is really good tool for street photographer.

I guess most of you are using Instagram, and I am curious that you have a specific purpose or reason of why you want to use Instagram or not.

Instagram を使う理由

A Reason Why I Use Inst