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What is Collective?



Hello readers. Today I am going to write about what is collective means. I think most of photographers have heard the word, "Collective." There is also a similar word which is, "Club," and can you describe the difference of these two words?   I am going to share what I have researched about those words to you. 


Collective is...


Collective is a group that is made by multiple persons and work together with at least one purpose or goal for the future. Collective does not seem to focus on making business and it seems not same with cooperative. 


Club is ...






Club seems be categorized as a membership-based gatherings, social and fellowship groups. 

It's the same up to the group, but there is one big difference. That is how groups has 

a purpose of working. 

An article about a Japanese street photography collective called Void Tokyo was published in the February issue of Asahi Camera magazine  released last month. Among them, Tatsuro Suzuki, who is a member of Void Tokyo said, "I had a strong desire to record the changing Tokyo in front of the Tokyo Olympics with multiple members and leave it on paper." 

This is exactly the purpose of Void Tokyo. Even if they gathered up 11 street photo lovers and said, "We are Void Tokyo!" I think they have not succeeded so far because they have a common strong intention.

In the street photography industry, collective may be a group of people who share their work with the same will and goal. Then, If I think about Frame Tokyo, it seems that Frame Tokyo is little different with Void Tokyo. I also knew for the first time after joining, but there was a wonderful concept  below. 


Concept of Frame Tokyo







・Frame is a photographer's views. 

・Frame becomes a new window for people who see the photo

・Frame Tokyo Collective expand humans's visual experience

I apologize if my interpretation is wrong, but I felt the purpose of Frame Tokyo Collective is to spread the joy or fun of street photography to people in all over the world through our website and zine. New project, which is called 23 wards project has started, and our website has also opened. Frame Tokyo is very new collective that just made, but I decided to work hard with members of Frame Tokyo Collective. I hope you could enjoy this article and see you soon. 





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