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Self introduction




Hello everyone, I am Takumi sekiguchi, who is currently a college student and into street snaps. I have joined in Frame Tokyo collective as a member on January, and I am going to talk about myself and photography.


Self introduction





I am now a junior undergraduate student and I do not study art or photography in the school. I have started to take photography when I was 13 years old, and I loved taking Mt. Fuji and beautiful sea at that time. It's totally different of the current photography style.

The turning point was age of 16, I accidently encountered with  a photo of Daido Moriyama that was displayed at a store I went  with my family. 

I searched Daido Moriyama in detail and found a photo I had never seen before when I got home, and I was so surprised about his photo.

I thought that photography was deciding a destination and shooting towers that, but I was attracted by the completely new value of photography, "taking photos of everyday life on the casual spot," and I have been continuing street photo until now with that theory. 

I assume that street photography is really suit me because I  likes outdoor activities and rides bicycle and run 100 kilometers on weekends.