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23区 PROJECT  #1 中央区


23 Wards Project Part 1 : Chuo-ward


Hello readers. Today I am going to share the record of our Frame Tokyo Collective new project called 23 Wards project.


We decided to shoot at Ginza, Tsukiji, Tsukishima and Nihonbashi in Chuo-ward as a first shooting place for this project.


Ginza, which seems Japanese New York 




I still remember how I was moved and excited when I was a student and have visited to New York and Washington,D.C. It was the first time I have travel abroad. First I have visited to Washington,D.C. then moved to New York. Now I am strongly regret that I have not had an interest of photography at that time. 

When I was walking  in Manhattan, I felt like New York was really similar with Ginza, Tokyo. The cityscape was not like Europe, where is created with tradisional cityscape, and I saw so many modern square buildings that stood gridly. 

It's been 20 years since then, and sometimes when I'm walking in Ginza like this,

 I sometimes feel like "New York." So many people include local and foreigners are coming and going on the wide street. In such a town, memories of that time may overlap and I feel that the city is changing with the times.