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Shocking situation I enconuntered


It was the 25th of March that I encountered a shocking situation.


There was a woman sitting down across my seat, and she was not wearing a mask.

Right now the whole population is terrified by the fear of COVID-19-  while some people are wearing masks, others not. The train stopped, and people came in. A middle-aged woman sat down next to a woman across me. The middle-aged woman realized that the woman next to her was not wearing a mask and started yelling at her- “what if you were a carrier!” “You are literally spreading the virus”- and she kept yelling for the whole time. The woman across me was confused, but listening. I suppose the fear for something which cannot fully be understood has made her act in that way- it is understandable, but I feel it is not cool to assault someone.

If she had the mask, then probably it would have been better for the others and herself, to give the mask to the person rather than telling.The more difficult the situation gets, the more I feel the ease of being aggressive rather than being thoughtful. I thought I want to be the one who can give away a mask rather than being aggressive.





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