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Experiential Consideration 


Hello readers, I am takeshi Ishikawa. Today I am going to write about my new experiment for street photography. I think that street photography has many different aspects, such as  Art, documentary and personal records aspects that record the times and society, etc. 

Last weekend, I went to the park with my camera to experiment a study of street photography with various aspects.


今回は1箇所の場所のみで撮影することに決め、公園を選びました。緊急事態宣言明けですが、天気が良く人が思い思いにそれぞれの時間を楽しんでいました。公園に着くまでの間にPARK LIFEという言葉が浮かび、それをテーマに1箇所の公園のみで撮影を開始しました。

This time, I decided to shoot in only one place and chose a park. When I arrived there after the emergency declaration, the weather was good and people in the park looked that they were really enjoying their time as they pleased. The word PARK LIFE came up in my mind while walking toward the park, and I decided to shoot in only one park with a theme of Park Life .


What is Experiential Consideration ?


The purpose of this practice is to try experimental consideration. 

I usually shoot monochrome street photography that is composed by light and shadow to shoot people who live surrounded by huge artifacts called cities. It is a very specific but abstract photo as well. One day, I suddenly thought that while looking at the photo book, street photography has so many different  aspects that represent a historical, social, and cultural background. Therefore, I thought I wanted to take a photo that focuses on them.

What happens if I objectively observe the behavior of people in a certain place, rather than focusing on only people? That is the concept of this experimental study.