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Photography Awards







For those people who are interested in showing your photos to the public and want to know how good you are, applying to the photography contest is one way besides making posts on SNS.

Even when you do not get any awards, there should be something to learn by looking at the awarded photos- I think you will bw able to look at the photos more closely when applying to the photo contest.

So this time, I’d like to introduce you to photo contests which has the section for street photography.

(I have applied to some of it but haven't got any award yet… which I understand as I should make more effort!)

1. Sony World Photography Awards

2. LensCulture Street Photography Awards

  • 世界的な写真専門のオンラインマガジンが主催するコンテスト。今年は巨匠Joel Meyerowitzも審査員を務めます。

  • 期限: 2020年4月22日

  • 費用: ①シングル…1枚目無料、その後1枚あたり$10(ただし5枚だと$35)、②シリーズ…10枚で$45

  • なお、シングル5枚以上またはシリーズに応募すると、さらに+$15で、自分の応募した作品に対して業界のプロフェッショナルからのフィードバックをもらえます。

  • Webサイト:

  • A photography award organized by an online photography magazine. Joel Meyerowitz will be one of the judges for this year.

  • Deadline: April 22, 2020

  • Free: ① singles- one photo: free, more than two photos: $10/each photo, 5 photos for $35 ② 10 photos for $45

  • Note: you will get feedbacks from professionals from the industries when applying more than 5 photos and pay extra $15

3. Italian Street Photography Festival

  • 今年は、日本人写真家のShin Noguchiや、インスタでも有名なGustavo Minasらが審査員を務めます。

  • 期限: 2020年3月10日締め切り済み

  • 費用: ①シングル…1枚目$15〜5枚目$45(応募上限5枚)②シリーズ…4〜9枚で$40

  • Webサイト:

  • Judges this year include a Japanese photographer Shin Noguchi, and Gustafo Minas, who is popular on Instagram.

  • Deadline: Application finished for 2020, on 3 March, 2020.

  • Free: ① singles- 1photo: €15, up to 5 photos: €45 ②series of 3-12 photos: €40

  • Website:

4. Urban Photo Awards

  • 今年はMagnumの巨匠Alex Webbが審査員長を務めます。

  • 期限: 2020年5月31日

  • 費用: ①シングル…1枚目€12、その後1枚あたり€8、②シリーズ(3〜12枚)…€40

  • Webサイト:

  • Alex Webb from Magnum will be one of the judges

  • Deadline: 31 May, 2020

  • Fee: ①SIngles- 1 photo: €12, more than two photos: €8/ photo ②Series (3-12 photos)- €40

  • Web site:



I hope it helps!

Hope to see you soon!





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