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ないから作ったFRAME BAG




I think nimbleness is the most important thing for street photography. Therefore, I wanted to design a perfect bag for street photography.


If I Want, Just Make It



My feeling was exactly like that. Just make my perfect bag if there is no bag I am conquering. I would like to ask you, and do you usually carry around some bags while shooting outside? My answer is no, and I do not usually carry around bags when I go outside to shoot. I always put every stuff in my pockets and carry my camera with my hand. It is because I usually walk around for a log time and shoot with different postures, like crouching or stretching. Therefore, if I carry a bag while shooting, I feel like I cannot use my body flexibly, and I also feel it is little stressful. Then I quit carrying around my bag when I shoot photos outside.

However, I used to carry a 5 L size of sling bag made with Peak Design in summer term when I did not have enough pockets. I really loved it because it was very light and slim. Nevertheless, because I began to use electrical money and did not need to carry my wallet, I wanted to get more compact bag. I was really looking for a bag like I can put only things I need to carry into the bag. I found that my ideal bag is very close with hip bags. But I could not find a bag that motivate shooting photos. I really wanted to get a bag like I always want to carry while shooting. Finally, I got tired to find bags, and I decided to design the bag by myself.