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Why I Take Street Photography



さて、ある日、Frame Tokyoのグループラインに、Takeshiさんからのこんなメッセージが。







Hello readers. I am Yume. 

It is getting hot recently and how are you guys doing? 

One day, Takeshi, who is the founder of Frame Tokyo Collective sent a message to members, 

" Asking myself, " why I take photography," strongly help to think about a basis of taking photography to visualize own special character." 

Takeshi's message was very difficult to find the best answer for me because recently I was in a big slump that I could not take any good photos even though I mostly went outside with my camera. Therefore, I decided to find the answer of that question, which is why I take street photography to overcome the big slump. 

It is going to be so long if I write on only this article, so I will share my thought in different article separately in the future. 

The theme of the first article is, " Why I take photography?"